Ballona Bigfoot Complete

Ballona Bigfoot Complete

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Available in different flex levels to adjust the flex to your personal weight or riding style.


  • LOA2312
SHRIMP OF A BOARD. WHALE OF A GOOD TIME. Built with massive Orangatang 85mm Caguama wheels,... more
Ballona Bigfoot Complete


Built with massive Orangatang 85mm Caguama wheels, the Ballona Bigfoot is the ultimate flatland cruiser that rolls forever and over everything.


  • Loaded Ballona (Willy or Moby) deck
  • Paris V3 150mm 50° trucks
  • Orangatang Nipple Bushings
  • Orangatang 85mm Caguama
  • Loaded Jehu V2 Bearings
  • Riser Pads
  • Assembled on outer (16") wheelbase

The board is delivered fully assembled, ready to ride!


  • Length:  27.75" / 70,5 cm
  • Width: 9" / 22.9 cm
  • Wheelbase: 14.75-16" / 37,5-40,6 cm
  • Profile: Rocker
  • Weight (deck only): 2.6 lb / 1.2 kg

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE* - Subtle rocker in the stance platform transitions into the unique "Whale Belly" spoon concave in the nose, which locks in the front foot and provides a secure stance behind or on top of the truck. This also wedges the front truck for extreme agility, resulting in slalom-like steering where the more stable rear end can follow the more maneuverable front end. The Ballona's slight concavity and generous width provide a comfortable stance and plenty of leverage and control. A short, wide tail and minimal nose provide optimal maneuverability and leverage for slides and tricks in a compact package.

(* untranslatable play on words: Curvaceous Confindence can mean both "safe confidence" and "cornering ability")

CLASSIC LAYUP WITH A TWIST - Custom 7-ply maple construction with thicker cross veneers for optimal stiffness, crisp pop and a smooth ride.

VARIOUS VARIATIONS - The Ballona offers two wheelbase options for a range of performance characteristics. The outer wheelbase (16") is designed for reverse kingpin trucks and/or more stability, while the inner wheelbase  (14.75") is designed for traditional kingpin (street) trucks and/or more maneuverability. The two deck graphics are offered in uniquely curated complete setups; choose Moby to cut up any driveway in sight at , or Willy for a carving and pumping machine.


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