What you need to know about Onewheel GT and Onewheel Pint / Pint X

Who can ride a Onewheel?

Anyone who can keep their balance can ride a Onewheel. The oldest Onewheel users are over 80 years old. However, due to the high speed that can be reached, we recommend that young people only use the board from the age of 14.

Who chooses the Onewheel Pint / Pint X?

 The Onewheel Pint X is more intended for use in the city. It is about 3 kg lighter than the Onewheel GT and can therefore be taken along more easily on part of a route, for example on public transport. The Maghandle carrying handle is mounted here from the outset.

The Onewheel Pint and the Onewheel Pint X are ideal to take you quickly over short distances to work or university, to the office or to the supermarket. Due to the smaller size, you can also accommodate this model at the workplace or in the university easier than the large Onewheel GT.

The Onewheel Pint/Pint X requires due to the smaller tire at the beginning a little more sense of balance and it is a little more difficult to overcome obstacles such as board stones with the Pint. But practice makes perfect and after a few days you will be able to move on the Pint with confidence. In terms of balance, after a few days it makes no difference whether you ride a Pint X or a GT.

Who chooses the Onewheel GT?

Onewheel GT is the all-terrain versions of the Onewheel. If your limits don't end with the asphalt road and you don't want to miss your Onewheel in the forest or on the beach, then the GT is the right board for you.

The  Pint X and the Onewheel GT also offer a higher top speed and a longer range than the Pint. The Onewheel GT offers the maximum performance and range.

 Even if you are more of the heavy guys beyond 95 kg, you should rather opt for a Onewheel GT, as it will make it much easier for you to keep your balance.

What about the Onewheel XR?

The Onewheel+ XR has been discontinued since the end of 2021 and has been replaced by the more powerful Onewheel GT. At brettsport.de, we have stocked all accessories once again in the summer of 2022, so you can still make your Onewheel XR fancy and order spare parts.

Comparison Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT


pint-logo SMALL. LIGHT. NIMBLE. Onewheel pint


pint-x-logo TWICE THE FUN



Flavor notes

Bubbly, poppy, playful, sporty, agile, refined, spirited, cheeky, friendly, accommodating.


Gimmicks in the driveway, walks with the dog, coffee runs, momentary escape from reality, freshly paved suburbs

Flavor notes

Zoomy. Capable. Spirited. Entertaining. To the point.


On the go, city to trail, urban exploration, the daily mission.

Flavor notes

Bubbly, poppy, playful, sporty, agile, refined, spirited, cheeky, friendly, accommodating.


Playfulness in the driveway, walks with the dog, coffee runs, momentary escape from reality, freshly paved suburbs

Top Speed

26 km/h

Top Speed

30 km/h

Top Speed

32 km/h


10 - 13 km


19 - 29 km


32 - 52 km

Charge Time

120 minutes

50 minutes with optional pint of Ultracharger

Charge Time

225 minutes

110 minutes with optional Pint X Hypercharger

Charge Time

200 minutes

90 minutes with optional GT Hypercharger

Digital Shapes 


Digital Shapes


Digital Shapes

5 & Custom

Tire Profile


Smaller & rounder

Carved dreamlike

Tire Profile


Smaller & Round

Carved dreamlike

Tire profile


Bigger & rounder

Carvebility taken to the next level


Tighter stance

and smaller footpad



Tighter Stance

and smaller footpad



Wider stance

and concave footpad


Lightbar Lightbar Lightbar
 Maghandle  Maghandle Maghandle
    Optional Treaded Tire

The first start with the Onewheel

The operation of the Onewheel is extremely simple. After 10 minutes of practice, basically anyone who has a reasonably good sense of balance can start their first tour with the Onewheel. The riding technique does not differ, no matter if you have chosen a Onewheel Pint, Pint X, a Onewheel GT or a Onewheel+ XR.


What do you have to consider before starting the Onewheel for the first time?

First of all you have to switch on the Onewheel, there is a power button on the side of the board. When you turn it on, the board must be in the home position and not manually balanced or tilted, because it has to calibrate itself first after being turned on. If it is not in the correct position to power on, you will get an error code (15x blinking of the power switch).

Before you get on the board, make sure you are wearing a helmet and shoes. Sneakers or skate shoes are ideal. 

The board lies with the rear pad on the road and accordingly you put now first the rear foot on the pad. Then you put your front foot on the other platform and try to balance the board (like a balance board or a small seesaw). As soon as the board is level, the Onewheel takes over the horizontal balance in the longitudinal axis by itself and stabilizes the board automatically. So you don't have to keep the balance on the wheel like you do with a balance board.

You feel the support from the board immediately and accordingly the degree of freedom you have to the side over the toe and heel edge feels tippy. This feeling disappears after a few seconds or minutes by itself. The tire is wide enough so that the board does not tip over to the side. At the beginning you are still actively trying to balance and therefore wobble a bit from your toes to your heels, but this will soon go away.

Onewheel driving learning


Tip 1: If you don't manage to feel secure on the board on the first day, try again the next day. You will see: Your brain will have sorted some things out in the meantime. You will feel much more confident.


Tip 2: Let a friend help you with your first attempts to balance the board. She can prop you up until you feel confident enough to stand freely on the board.



How do you keep your balance on the Onewheel?

The board's electronics automatically keep the standing surface level, the function is similar to the well-known Segway technology. So you don't have to keep the balance on the wheel like on a balance board. However, the Onewheel will still seem slightly tippy when you first try it, because even if the electronics keep the balance in the direction of travel, you must of course keep the balance across the board and steer the board with this weight shift from the heels to the toes. This is a little easier on the Onewheel+ XR than on the Pint; Pint X  or GT due to the larger and flatter tire. Like anywhere, balance on the Onewheel is just a matter of practice after a few hours or days your legs stop shaking and you can easily spend the whole day on a Onewheel without actively worrying about how to keep your balance. Just like riding a bike, eventually it just goes by itself and becomes natural. 

Is it easier for board athletes to ride the Onewheel?

The riding technique on the Onewheel is somewhat different from sports such as surfing, snowboarding, kitesurfing or longboarding. But of course you bring from these sports condition and a good sense of balance. Both will help you to get familiar with the Onewheel very quickly. When you get the hang of it, the experience on the Onewheel will remind you of snowboarding in powder.

Getting off the Onewheel safely

How to get on and off the Onewheel is shown in the following two videos. More important is the second video. There is a trick how to get off the board easily and it is very important that you understand the principle:


What advantages does the Onewheeel have over an electric longboard?

The control

With the electric longboard, you usually control the speed with a slider that you hold in your hand. If your fingers are faster than your body can get into the right position, you will be catapulted off the board when accelerating or braking. With the Onewheel you brake and accelerate with your body. Asynchronous behavior is impossible.

Radio interference

The hand transmitter of the electric longboard is connected to the motor via radio. An interference frequency can lead to accidents if your board brakes or accelerates unintentionally. Such a susceptible radio connection does not exist with the Onewheel. You have both hands free and steer by shifting your weight alone, just like on the Snowbaord. However, you can fine-tune the behavior of your Onewheel via Bluetooth with the Onewheel app.

Large tire

The relatively small wheels on a longboard have trouble with board edges, and rocks can also become a serious hazard. With the Onewheel's large wheel, small obstacles no longer concern you.


With the Onewheel you are not dependent on solid roads. You can have fun with the Onewheel on the lawn and on field or forest paths. You can find a lot of legal spots with the Onewheel, especially in Germany, where the use of electric vehicles is extremely restrictive.

What protective equipment do I need if I want to ride a Onewheel?

S1_OnewheelHelmetAt a minimum, you should always wear a helmet under all circumstances when riding a Onewheel. Please keep in mind that many other injuries can usually heal well, but a head injury can often have extremely serious and irreversible consequences. We offer a very fashionable retro helmet that fits the Onewheel lifestyle fashionable retro helmet so that your style does not have to suffer from safety. Also our Evolve Helmet fits optically well to a Onewheel.

Glove-1rugNK8cmpUuH0The next body part at risk when riding the Onewheel is your wrists. An unexpected nosedive of the Onewheel can cause you to fall forward and support yourself with your hands. So that you do not injure yourself, you should wear appropriate gloves with a splint to protect your wrists and sliders on the palm of your hands on the palm of your hand. The sliders ensure that in the event of a fall you do not receive the complete energy as a sudden impact on your wrists, but that your hands can slide over the asphalt and the energy of the fall can be released slowly. 

Additional protective clothing such as knee and elbow protectors are recommended, especially for beginners or for off-road use. 


Test ride / Instruction

If you would like to test the Onewheel Pint, the Onewheel Pint X, the Onewheel GT or an eletroskateboard yourself, or if you would like to combine the purchase with an instruction by our qualified personnel, you can visit us at any time in our showroom in Wolfenbüttel. We have a large area available in the hall, so that testing or instruction is always possible even in bad weather.  

How it all began...

The vision

To create products that bridge recreation and transportation:


It took Onewheel founder and CEO Kyle Doerksen a beaten eight years of tinkering, lots of coffee and a handful of prototypes, but by the end of 2013, Kyle, a Stanford graduate, had created a riding experience so beautiful people couldn't believe it. Kyle quit his day job, assembled a team of like-minded people, founded Onewheel with the support of a Kickstarter campaign, and has since helped bring moments of pure joy to thousands of riders.

Kyle Doerksen says, "We're in the midst of a global shift in the way people will move through cities, and the technologies and products we're creating are making that dream possible."

About Future Motion, Inc.

All FutureMotion Onewheel products are designed and manufactured in California. FutureMotion is the original manufacturer of Onewheel, Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR as well as the Pint, the Pint X and the GT.

Future Motion's dream was to let you have bigger adventures, do more, go further, or make you use your Onewheel as your main vehicle. The Onewheel+ XR brings you even closer to that goal.

Founded in 2013, Future Motion aims to design and develop inspiring vehicles that combine elegant form with unprecedented function. Future Motion's first products: the Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+.XR, illustrates its commitment to creating products that combine leisure and transportation.

Future Motion develops not only the Onewheel product line, but also all the subsystems that power it, including in-house developed brushless motors, power electronics and battery modules. Onewheel's home base is perfectly located in Santa Cruz, where the mountains meet the sea, so it stands to reason that the Onewhell offers a riding experience similar to snowboarding or surfing, but on paved or unpaved trails.

top logo

Future Motion products are protected by over 37 issued patents in the U.S. and worldwide. Be sure to buy a genuine original Onewheel from a trusted dealer. There are a number of illegal copies that are equipped with cheap batteries in order to be offered cheaper. There is a high risk of injury and fire!



Where can I ride a Onewheel?
Everywhere. Dirt, sand, grass, gravel, nothing is safe from the impetuosity of a Onewheel. It really is an all-terrain vehicle - the world is your playground! In Germany, however, you currently have to avoid public roads.
What is included in the scope of delivery of a Onewheel?
Each Onewheel comes with a set of pre-installed bumpers in the standard color. Also included is a home charger to ensure your Onewheel always has enough juice for endless adventures.
What are the weight ranges rider of each Onewheel board?
The maximum recommended rider weight for the Onewheel GT is 125 kg. The maximum recommended rider weight for the Onewheel Pint and Pint X is 110 kg.
Can I fly with my Onewheel?
Currently, airlines are very cautious when it comes to battery-powered devices in carry-on or checked baggage, and the answer varies depending on the
board model. We recommend you contact your airline and airport directly before traveling with Onewheel.
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